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Custom Features

    -Daily Guild Siege
    -Party EXP Rate x15
    -Items stackable to 999
    -Faster Couple Leveling
    -30 Minute Guild Re-Join
    -Enhanced Client Load Speed
    -Edited Collecting Area Items
    -Newest Dungeons From eFlyFF
    -PvE Drop/Penya Probability Adjustment
    -Guild Buffs for different guild levels
    -Premium CS Items drop from masquarpets
    -(A) and 7% Cards drop from any masquarpet
    -Custom Guild Name Colors based on Guild Level
    -Cloaks/Glasses/Wigs/CS Fashion in Fashion NPC
    -Clockworks drops Guardian/Historic/Angel/LG Boxes
    -Characters level 1~170 can get level 14 buffs from the Buff Pang

    -Item-List System
    -Automatically Maxed Skills
    -Quick Job Changing System
    -Shining Oricalkum Converter
    -Teleporation System (Press U)
    -Party Finder System (Press V)
    -GTOP Vote System with in-game NPC.

Server/Database Updates
    -Reduced Client Size
    -Extremely Secure Server
    -Database saves after trading (Prevents Roll-backs)
    -Database saves every 60 seconds (Prevents Roll-backs)

Pet Edits/Updates
    -Increased Pet HP
    -Faster Pet Leveling
    -Increased Pick-Up Pet Speed

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Server Information

EXP: 5
DROP: Custom